Independent Hearts Home Care

Available 24/7: (480) 798-6393


How We Can Help


Sometimes a little help can go a long way in allowing you or a loved one to stay in the comfort of your/their own home. We can create a care plan that specifically meets an individual’s needs and desires.

Examples of the services we offer:


· Medication Reminders

· Accompany to Doctor Visits

· Grocery shopping

· Socializing

· Plan and Escort Outings

· Escort to Doctors Appointments

Personal Services 

· Bathing

· Dressing

· Incontinence Care

· Medication Reminders

· Mobility Assistance

· Encouraging Independence

Home Maker Services

· Plan and Prepare Meals

· After Meal Clean-Up

· Light Housekeeping

· Laundry

· Run Errands

· Pet Care

Dementia Care

· Behavioral Managing 

· Engagement

· Personal One on One Care

Supplemental Support 

Often having a Home Health or Hospice organization is just not enough. That is often when we come in. At Independent Hearts we often coordinate care with other organizations to ensure adequate care is being provided and support is offered to the entire family.

24 Hour and Live-In Care


You may find that your loved one needs care 24 hours a day. This may be on a short-term basis following a hospital stay or a more long-term need. Sometimes those with advanced dementia or other debilitating conditions can benefit from staying in the comfort of their own home. 24-hour care gives one on one care at any time of the day or night.  ​

24 Hour Care

One option that may work for you is our Live-In Services: This service will provide 24-hour care by utilizing a small team of qualified caregivers who rotate their days caring for your loved one for an entire 24-hour period. This service would need to include the opportunity for the caregiver to sleep (in their own sleeping quarters) while your loved one sleeps. However, they will always be available if needed in the middle of the night.

For those whom need more care you may choose to have caregivers that are always awake and available to your loved one. This would involve caregivers working 3 eight hours shift or two 12 hour shifts each day 7 days a week. This will involve 5 or 6 qualified caregivers that will be dedicated to your loved one’s care.

All caregivers will be employed by Independent Hearts, so we take care of everything like payroll, payroll taxes, workers compensation and scheduling.

We feel the most valuable part of 24-hour care is:

You can stop worrying about your loved one at times that you are not there. This service allows you to rest easy yourself and gives you time to spend with your loved one in the natural role of their daughter or son not always their caregiver

Independent Hearts Home Care will tailor our service and shifts around your loved ones needs. Call us at (480) 798-6393 to discuss how we can assist you and your loved one. 

Supplemental Support


Often having a Home Health or Hospice organization is just not enough. That is often when we come in. At Independent Hearts we often coordinate with other organizations to ensure the highest quality of care is provided. This allows us to offer support to the entire family.