Independent Hearts Home Care

Available 24/7: (480) 798-6393

Questions and Answers


How do I start care for my loved one?

Just give us a call (480) 798-6393 or fill out the Contact information and one of our qualified staff members will get back to you. 

How soon can I start services?

We are here to help. It is best if we have 24-hour notice, however we also understand that sometimes needs arise quickly. If at all possible, we will start sooner. 

Who will choose my caregiver?

We believe that choosing the right caregiver is essential to providing quality care. During our home assessment we will we will ask you questions about your needs and preferences. This will allow us to determine the best caregiver among our qualified staff for you.   

What happens when my loved one needs more care?

Independent Hearts works well with other agencies to coordinate care.  We can even help you find the resources needed.

What if I need to adjust my schedule?

Having an agency that allows you the flexibility you need in important. Our scheduling staff is always willing to work with you and your changing needs. We are happy to adjust your schedule no matter if it is a one time adjustment for an appointment or you simply find that your scheduled days and or times are no longer working for you.